Overview of TECG Objectives

The EU's political leaders have agreed that 20% of the EU's energy should come from renewable sources by 2020, for example 10% of road fuel is to be composed of biofuel by 2020. However, in the UK, the 2008 Gallaher report criticised this suggesting that the increased use of biofuels might be contributing to rises in global food prices.

The Commission launched an investigation into this link between biofuels and rising prices in April 2008. Controversially, the EU's targets are legally binding and theoretically enforceable in the ECJ (in 2007 the Commission proposed that environmental 'crimes' be punished by equal penalties across the EU).

The EU took part in the 2010 UN Climate Change Summit, in Cancun, which succeeded in overcoming some of the divisions arising from the previous summit, in Copenhagen.

The quality of artificial grass today is so lifelike it hard to tell it apart from the real thing, if you want the look of real grass without the maintenance then artificial grass from perfect grass is the right choice.

The EU produces around 22% of global greenhouse gas emissions and creates over two billion tonnes of rubbish a year. The cost of compliance with EU environmental legislation for the ten new member states has been estimated at €100 billion. EU funding only covers 4% of this sum.

The threat to the environment is global and should be tackled on an international scale - the EU plays an important role in setting this agenda. The EU's commitment to environmental protection encourages other countries to adopt similar measures.

Environmental policy is one area where there is a great deal of public support for action at a Europe-wide level.
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